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High School Baseball

$ 595


High School Softball

$ 595


Collegiate Baseball

$ 99


Independent Baseball

$ 99

- Enrollment will take high school baseball and softball players through their Senior year of high school

- Collegiate program will become ‘inactive’ after your college junior year

- Independent player profiles will remain active for three years from enrollment

PROFILE. Most comprehensive baseball or softball profile on the internet for a one-time fee; no wasting time when you should be on the field.

  Coach and Scout views and follows
  Athletic ability compared to college programs, player year group and professional players
  Manage profile with videos, references, upload SAT, ACT and showcase evaluations
  College search and matching allows you to find a program that meets your athletic ability
  Interest lays out who you are and who is interested
  Analytics compares you to your peers by year group and professional athletes
  Projections will assist defining where you are currently
  Development tracking
  Five tools of baseball and a visual reference of your current abilities

COLLEGE MATCH. Once your profile is ‘active’, meaning you have substantial data available, colleges will be listed for your review. Our enhanced backend database continuously works for you each time you perform with better numbers. Do not waste coaches time with empty profiles, you have one ‘first appearance’, make it count!

RANKINGS. We do not provide ‘rankings’ we provide validated information, in a professional prospect or scouting report to coaches and scouts! Rankings are only accurate if you can account for every player in a specific state, region or nationally.

Let your high school coach or academy instructor know that you are on Bird Dog Scout ®, we helped you out by sending an email during the registration process; your coach is the most trustworthy and complete source of information about you.

Get on the radar of your dirty dozen… maintain an updated profile and check your profile each week for possibly a new college discovery.

Track your Progress with colleges, not only what you like, but what schools find interest in you!

Preparing for high school and college baseball and softball can be difficult. Bird Dog Scout ® has the experience, knowledge and database connections to assist Athletes finding their top college opportunities based on our four rules of selection… athleticism, academics, social aspects and financially.

Value for your Money

and we do our best to give you the best customer service

Players enrolled in the program receive an online profile, visibility with colleges, resulting in a plan of action via web based online discussion at an affordable price.

Each high school student-athlete has different goals and unique qualities that are different from one another, whether mental, physical, academic, emotional, social, spiritual, community, family or financial characteristics.