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The recruitment process is similar to that of the Major League Draft, a high school athlete is taking the next step in his career.The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) places restrictions on the coaches that are trying to convince athletes to play for them and attend their university   more...


Draft Information

"The Draft" also known as "The First Year Player Draft" is a Major League Baseball event where all the Major League teams take turns picking eligible high school and college baseball players. The Draft takes place every June; the club with the worst record the season before gets to select first.   more...


Scouting Bureau

The Major League Scouting Bureau (MLSB) is a centralized scouting resource that operates under the auspices of the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball. Headquartered in Ontario, California. MLSB efforts supplement the independent, proprietary amateur and professional scouting operations of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs. In 2012, the MLSB employed 34 full-time and 13 part-time scouts   more...


Scouts Evaluation

Scouts cannot be everywhere at no fault of their own… lots of ground and ball parks to cover in the United States and abroad to find the five tool players for the draft or free agents. The scout evaluation is a resource for the players that are above average in 5 areas of scouting and in an area where scouting is scarce or has not received   more...


Player Agents

One of the biggest controversies with the draft and amateur athletes is the use of agents. There have been many cases of college athletes consulting or hiring an agent prematurely in direct violation of NCAA rules. The NCAA came up with the “no agent rule” as a result of this for what they say was to benefit their amateur athletes   more...



There are a few steps to playing professional baseball and signing a professional contract, first is getting scouted. You will have to either play high school, college, or some other kind of baseball league for professional scouts to see you. If you are not playing on a team you will have to attend tryouts that the professional teams hold all over the country   more...


Signing Bonus

Once a player is drafted a scout or director will call the player and a signing bonus will be offered. The player can negotiate this himself or have his agent do it. Signing Bonuses are usually determined by the round that the player was drafted in. You can usually get a good idea from the previous year’s draft signing bonuses for what the "slot money" is for where you got drafted   more...



To put things in a perspective that we all understand, it is necessary to look at the daily schedule of a minor league player. From May to August, where games are scheduled nearly every day, players arrive around 3 pm for a 7:15 pm game. During the time before games young players stretch, work on fundamentals, taking batting practice, run, throw bullpen sessions   more...